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  • What can I bring with me?
    You can bring toiletries, medication,cell phone, and about a weeks worth of clothing. -No clothing including racism, promotion of alcohol or drugs, A-shirts, mid-drift tops, etc. 3 fingertip width strap rule for tops and longer than your fingertips for shorts. -no mouthwash -no perfume/cologne -no opiates, methadone, siboxin, barbituates, dilotin, or ritalin. -no weapons
  • Do I need my ID?
    You do not need your ID to get in the program but it is recommended. If you are traveling from out of state, you will need your ID to get on the plane or bus.
  • What is provided?
    3 Meals a day, meetings,a bed, linen, dresser drawer or shelves, and a shared room.
  • What is the cost of the program?
    We accept clients with no upfront money. Our weekly service fee is $130.00 a week.
  • How do I enter the program?
    You can submit contact form online, download and print, or call 480-833-0143 and they will take you through the intake process. For immediate assistance you can call 480-833-0143 or one of the houses closest to you. You can find the numbers in our Sober Living tab.
  • What meetings will I go to?
    1 morning mediation meeting and 1-2 meeting every night Complete 12 weeks of Big Book Study (AA Book). Complete 8 weeks of relapse prevention 2 Peer Counseling meetings a week ( Small Group) Property chores daily After 15 days of residency you can level up for the 1st stay, 30 days to level up for 2nd stay and 45 days for the 3rd stay.
  • Do you accept sex offenders or arsonists?
    We do not accept arsonists and we do not accept sex offenders with charges against children.
  • Can I bring my child or dog?
    Pregnant women, children or animals are not allowed.
  • Can I bring my spouse?
    Your spouse can apply for the program but you will not be housed together.
  • Do you provide detox?
    At this time we do not provide detox.
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