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Hard Six

Rockie Suttle created the Hard Six program in 1993 in an effort to save lives.  Below is information about the rules and the program.
In 1992 TLC rules allowed three stays. If a man didn't succeed after three attempts, maybe the program wasn't for him.
Frustrated by this policy, Suttle proposed a unique plan to management. If accepted a fourth time, the applicant would undergo a voluntary regimen to help him or her focus on recovery with minimal outside distractions.
Other clients work in the community and pay service fees. Hard-Sixes not only don't pay service fees, but they also require more intensive supervision.

Hard Sixes replacing collapsed sewer line

So the problem in 1993 was how to support "Hard-Six".  But Suttle assured management there would never be more than 12 "Hard-Six" clients at a time. Staff approved the idea on a trial basis.

Today the program has more than 12 clients, many successful graduates, and is mostly self-supporting.

"Hard Six" receives many referrals from the justice system. Judges and probation officers refer substance abusers to the program. Because of the commitment of resources, each applicant is carefully screened prior to acceptance.
Among the requirements: 
  •     An eighteen-month commitment.
  •     Volunteer on TLC projects for six months (hence the name).
  •     No overnight passes.
  •     Limit of $5.00 cash on person.
  •     Volunteer every day.
  •     No unapproved visitors.
  •     No relationships for six months.
  •     Plus all of the requirements of the regular program.