TLC's program is about recovery.

That's why you won't see pictures on these pages of smiling, healthy-looking clients who have all their teeth - frolicking on the beach hand in hand as if they're so delighted with their recovery they can hardly restrain themselves.

We don't offer five-star accommodations or world-class chefs.  While there's nothing wrong with these amenities, that's not what TLC Recovery's about.


Most programs offering luxury amenities are operated by large for-profit corporations whose first question is about your insurance coverage. And when it runs out you're out the door until you get a new policy or win the lottery.


TLC was started and is managed by addicts who know what you're going through because they've been there.  They know that the addict's problem isn't lack of silk sheets, lovely spas, luxury housing, or horse whispering.


At TLC we deal with gut-level recovery.  Our treatment clinic is staffed with licensed behavioral health professionals who get to know their clients. And many of our staff members are themselves in recovery.



TLC offers a range of services that support recovery.

Among these are 850 halfway house beds, a State licensed treatment program, sober housing for management and graduates employed by TLC.

We also offer a wide range of educational opportunities. 

These include on-the-job training under the supervision of our State licensed contractors in such trades as air conditioning and refrigeration, roofing and remodeling, painting, sheetrock and more.

Clients also may volunteer in other areas of the company.  These include telemarketing, landscaping, clerical and accounting services, convenience stores,the auto shop, and more. 

What We Do

Carpenter Measuring Wood
Nurse Talking to Patient
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Our Businesses

Teaching Clients
Trade Skills

Treatment Program

Showing them how to Live Clean and Sober

Sober Living

Helping them put Recovery into Practice

Sobriety is a Journey, Not A Destination

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